our coffee

At mycoffee, we’re a team of global coffee lovers, who are working tirelessly to build a company that provides great quality, at low cost.
Great quality, great tasting "damn-that’s-good!" coffee.What we don’t love, is overpriced, fancy-pants coffee.Coffee that tastes half as good, and costs (nearly) twice as much - We just don’t get it.Why should it cost that much? Could it be the taste? Nope. We got them on that*. The service? Again, try us... we really care about our customers (about as much as we care about our coffee). Must be the different flavors then? Nope.We’ve got five and have a big queue building up of interesting flavors to follow.  The packaging?The delivery? Nope, and... no. We got them all covered. In fact, we think that just about the only thing some of those expensive coffees have that we don’t, is a very good-looking Hollywood A-lister in their adverts (Although we did get his next door neighbor Giorgio)  
Worth paying all that extra for? We’ll leave that to you  
Our focus is to spread the gospel of 'great taste at a great price’, far and wide. Our coffee is already available in the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. We’ve got great ambitions to build a coffee brand that’s honest, great quality, and great value. That will never change.
mycoffee. It’s better than your coffee.
*Nespresso® is the registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA